CMMs - Large
The largest stationary gantry- and bridge-type 3D coordinate measuring machines

The largest stationary gantry- and bridge-type 3D coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from Hexagon Metrology will give you gargantuan performance. It is not just the capacity of these giants of the world of coordinate measuring systems that leaves all others in the shade: they also impress with robust materials, a stable structure and high accuracy - on the production floor, in a production cell or in the measuring room. The CMMs can act as a standalone system or as a station in a production cell.

The strengths are particularly apparent when they are used for three-dimensional measurements for large components and assemblies in the aerospace industry, defense, ship building and in the power generation industry. If you want to measure a large item with high performance, you will be making the right choice with these coordinate measuring machines.


The GLOBAL eXtra can accommodate large and heavy workpieces without the need for special foundations. The GLOBAL eXtra, designed for measurement in the production environment, features ACTIV® structural thermal compensation, bellow covers on X and Y guideways and operating temperatures up to 30°C.  For unlimited access to hard-to-reach features, these larger size GLOBAL CMMs can be equipped with HH-ACW-43MW continuous wrist.

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The DEA ALPHA is an all-purpose flexible CMM for the dimensional inspection of large castings and machined parts. ALPHA is available in two versions: ALPHA Classic and ALPHA Performance. Equipped with high-productivity 3D scanning laser head and continuous servo wrist options, it can rapidly acquire millions data points from complex contoured shapes, and is the ideal system for die and mold manufacturing process. All ALPHA versions can be supplied with optional bellows and covers which offer machine protection for airborne shop contaminants.

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The DEA DELTA SLANT is a line of gantry CMMs that excel in the high-accuracy inspection of large machined parts due to their superior mechanical structure. DELTA SLANT is available in two versions: Classic and Performance. The optional SF-Kit (Shop Floor) is available for the installation of both Classic and Performance models for use in a workshop environment.

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The DEA LAMBDA SP is a line of very large measuring machines designed for operation in industrial environments. LAMBDA SP excels in high-speed, high-accuracy inspection of huge components, such as marine engines, aircraft structures or turbines that require open, modular, easily customizable structures with virtually unlimited measuring volumes.

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Leitz PMM-F

Leitz PMM-F 30.20.10 and 30.20.16 measuring machines - where accuracy meets throughput. The PMM-F is designed to inspect medium sized components and gears not only with maximum accuracy, but with a high throughput as well. The spindle drive design combined with an overhead structure with minimized mass allows measuring velocities previously unthinkable for measuring machines of this size.

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Leitz PMM-G

The Leitz PMM-G provides highest accuracy and a highly enhanced throughput for large-size XXL workpieces. These workpieces are used for example in aircraft and aerospace industries or in ship engine constructions. Also the measurement of large gears used in wind turbines is possible. Despite such large measuring strokes, the Leitz PMM-G reaches a precision and performance level, which is usually common with much smaller 3D measuring machines.

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