CMMs - Shop Floor
CMMs designed and built for the shop floor
Shop floor conditions may suggest that accurate measurement results on the factory floor would be impossible to obtain. However, using specialized shop floor hardened coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from Hexagon Metrology, measurement accuracy is ensured even in the production environment. Ideal for lean manufacturing and cellular layouts, automated inspection is possible right at the point of production. Specialized software interfaces allow even unskilled operators to inspect parts with point-and-click ease.

Products in this class maintain high accuracy over large temperature ranges. Thanks to special shop floor features and automatic temperature compensation, performance is not degraded by harsh environmental conditions in production, such as vibration and dirt.


GLOBAL SF is the ideal CMM for the dimensional inspection in shop-floor environments which are typically characterised by temperature changes, vibrations and dust. Thanks to the combination of hardware and state-of-the-art software solutions, this machine model offers high class accuracy and reliability even in a temperature range of 15 to 30 °C. High scanning throughput makes GLOBAL SF the most appropriate CMM to keep manufacturing processes under control.

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TIGO SF is a versatile, air-free high performance Coordinate Measuring Machine for the shop-floor. Its solid and robust structure ensures extremely accurate measurements, while the innovative operating concept simplifies the dimensional inspection of industrial workpieces and opens up the world of metrology to everyone.

Designed to operate in harsh environments, TIGO SF is fully protected with covers and bellows, and it is the ideal blend of robustness, innovation and flexibility.

Thanks to its cantilever structure TIGO SF is fully accessible from three sides, and offers optimal accessibility for part loading/unloading and part-programming. The thick granite work-table with its dense grid of holes makes part fixturing easy and quick.

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7.10.7 SF

The Hexagon Metrology 7.10.7 SF is a rugged and robust coordinate measuring machine designed to excel in demanding conditions. Inspired by over fifteen years of shop-floor machine production and hardened by proven technologies, it has been tested in the harshest manufacturing environments.

With additional features to increase usability and offer a better user experience for shop-floor operators, the 7.10.7 SF is ideal for frontline quality control. Easy to use and economical to operate, with low upfront costs and straightforward maintenance, it is the simple choice for tough surroundings.

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Leitz SIRIO Xi

Leitz SIRIO coordinate measuring machines have a long tradition of high-end technology in production metrology. The genes inherited by the youngest member of the SIRIO family have all the ingredients for a special mission: to raise metrology in the manufacturing environment to a new level.

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The Leitz SIRIO SX from Hexagon Metrology represents the latest chapter of the Leitz SIRIO success story. Coordinate measuring machines have proved themselves over the decades, particularly within production-related quality assurance for powertrain components. Equipped with an automatic probe changing system, rotary table and pallet system, the Leitz SIRIO SX can tackle a virtually limitless number of measuring tasks.

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