Two hundred years of metrology - in one business

The story of Hexagon Metrology is a story of both recent and traditional brands. The history stretches back to the 19th century - a rich treasure of experience covering almost 200 years that forms the solid foundation for customer-orientated action and future growth.

What will the future bring?
The Hexagon Group has a strong base for future organic growth. Hexagon is also evaluating a large number of companies that have the potential to strengthen the product portfolio of Hexagon, or to further improve the sales network in new and existing markets.


1800s | 1900 – 1950s | 1960 – 2000s | 2010 - Present


The company Kern & Co is founded in Aarau, Switzerland. It is one of the forerunners of today's Leica Geosystems AG - along with the company Wild Heerbrugg, that came into life around 100 years later in Heerbrugg, Switzerland.

The company Brown & Sharpe is founded in the USA and develops into one of the best-known and most influential businesses in the machine tool industry.

Ernst Leitz takes over the Optische Institute founded 20 years earlier in Wetzlar, Germany, and calls the company Ernst Leitz.

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1900s- 1950s

The company CE Johansson is founded in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The standards of the Swedish founder Carl Edvard Johansson were regarded as the "standard of the standards".

The Sheffield Gage Corporation is born. Initially it traded under the name City Machine and Tool Works - a business that was founded in 1906 by Oscar Polk in Dayton, USA.

The year TESA SA was founded. The business had traded the previous four years as TÉLÉPHONIE SA, a subsidiary of the telecommunications business AUTOFON AG, and tapped new markets with the MINMETAL® micrometer.

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1960 - 2000s

DEA is founded in Italy and in the same year builds Alpha - the first coordinate measuring machine in the world. 

Homer Eaton and Romain Granger found ROMER SARL (ROMER France) and launch the portable measuring arm on the market.

ROMER Inc. is founded to market ROMER France products in North America.

Founding of Wilcox Associates, Inc. The business develops PC-DMIS, the world's leading CMM software.

The Swedish concern Hexagon AB is founded. Hexagon Metrology is part of Hexagon Measurement Technologies, a business area of the Hexagon Group.

DEA becomes part of the Brown & Sharpe Metrology Group.

In Israel Prof. Amnon Shashua founds the company CogniTens Ltd. He also develops the initial in-house technology. 

MTWZ is founded as an independent entity with 20 employees from the then Leitz Messtechnik to further develop the existing Quindos measuring software.

The US companies Brown & Sharpe Inc. and Wilcox Inc. are integrated into the Hexagon Group.

The metrology company CE Johansson becomes part of Hexagon Metrology.

The metrology division of Sheffield Automation LLC as well as the companies ROMER S.A.
(ROMER France) and ROMER Inc. (ROMER USA) are now part of Hexagon Metrology.

Hexagon acquires the Swiss company Leica Geosystems AG.

The Hexagon Group acquires CogniTens Ltd.

m&h Inprocess Messtechnik, the developers of high-quality touch probe systems, laser tool setters and measuring software, became a part of Hexagon Metrology.

The German company Messtechnik Wetzlar GmbH (MTWZ), producers of PowerTrain solutions and QUINDOS software became a part of Hexagon Metrology

Hexagon announces the acquisition of Technodigit SARL (Lyon, France), developer of 3DReshaper® software and two German companies – Mahr Multisensor GmbH and MYCRONA GmbH, both manufacturers of 3D multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines.

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2010 - Present

Hexagon Metrology reinforces its position in optical systems by a joint venture with Dongguan Seven Ocean Metrology Vision Co., Ltd. Seven Ocean Metrology Vision is a well-established leader of vision measuring technology, having won many awards for its technological innovations. This joint venture has helped Hexagon Metrology to further enhance its substantial optical technology offerings.

New River Kinematics, the engineering company that develops and supports high-quality portable metrology software was acquired by Hexagon Metrology. New River Kinematics is best known for SpatialAnalyzer® which is a premier portable metrology software solution that is well tailored to Hexagon Metrology’s portable CMM range of products.       

Hexagon acquires Vero Software. Vero Software is a UK-based software company with a strong brand and proven customer satisfaction track record. Their software aids the design and manufacturing process with solutions for programming and controlling machine tools, addressing the rising challenge of achieving manufacturing efficiencies with high-quality output.

Hexagon acquires Q-DAS. Based in Germany, Q-DAS has offices and partner distribution companies around the world. Already compatible with both Hexagon and third-party solutions, the Q-DAS portfolio is widely used in manufacturing sectors where high production volumes and dimensional quality needs require statistical analysis – like the automotive sector where Q-DAS is the de-facto standard. Hexagon and Q-DAS intend to maintain the company’s position in relation to technical partners, keeping Q-DAS platforms open to the numerous systems providers they currently support.

Hexagon acquires Forming Technology Inc. (FTI), a provider of innovative manufacturing software solutions designed to reduce the development time and material costs of sheet metal components.

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