Messtronik GmbH - St. Georgen
Messtronik GmbH, St. Georgen

New spheres of coordinate metrology

The Black Forest. Thanks to successful tourism advertisements, this name is associated with cuckoo clocks and the scent of pine trees, but the early birds in the forest aren’t the only ones to catch the worm. Traditionally, companies based in this region have also been among the most ‘bright-eyed’ in the country, particularly the technology-oriented small to medium enterprises. A fine example of this is Messtronik GmbH in St. Georgen, Germany, a service provider that exemplifies how a vision can be transformed into new realities in measurement expertise. And QUINDOS Reshaper helps to make it happen.

Founded in 1983, Messtronik GmbH has become one of the most experienced, versatile and innovative measurement service providers in Germany. Customers include suppliers and manufacturers in the fields of automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, model and tool engineering, mechanical engineering, injection moulding, microelectronics, energy systems and medical technology.

Around 80 percent of the company’s measurement orders are in the particularly demanding fields of mechanical engineering and medicine.

As a centre of expertise, Messtronik covers an impressively broad spectrum of services, from measuring technology and digitalisation/reverse engineering, through quality management and measuring program creation, to on-site user training and support.

Interdisciplinary thinking is therefore an essential component of the entrepreneurial behaviour exhibited here, both with respect to the company’s diverse customer base and the broad product range covered.

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