Roughness Sensors
Roughness Sensors from Hexagon Metrology
The texture of a workpiece surface is more important than ever in quality assurance. Using Hexagon Metrology roughness sensors, surface profile can be measured as part of a standard coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspection routine, without reclamping the workpiece.

Depending on the workpiece type and requirements, the surface can be measured by tactile or optical methods, with all data illustrated on a measurement report.

Complete your CMM with roughness sensors from Hexagon Metrology.

PROFILER R Tactile Roughness Sensor

Enabling quick and easy inspections of surface profile within a regular coordinate measuring machine (CMM) program, the PROFILER R miniature roughness sensor offers a more accurate alternative to manual roughness measurements.

Measuring all common roughness parameters, the PROFILER R can be automatically swapped on to several different scanning sensors, adding surface profile inspection to the program without the need for reclamping.

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PRECITEC LR Optical Sensor

Offering excellent measurement quality for a range of challenging surface contours and material types, the PRECITEC Lateral Resolution (LR) optical sensor is a versatile white light laser inspection solution for a huge number of industrial applications including roughness and layer thickness measurements.

Adding a non-contact sensor option to the tactile probing and scanning functionality of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), the PRECITEC LR can be automatically exchanged with tactile probes as part of a multisensor setup for a more complete measurement solution.

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