Sensor, Probe and Styli Changers
Sensor, Probe and Styli Changers from Hexagon Metrology
The measurement of different parts on the same coordinate measuring machine (CMM) affords a high value of flexibility for different sensor configurations and machine setups.

Hexagon Metrology’s range of probe changer and styli changer racks performs fast and repeatable exchanges of probes, extensions and stylus combinations on the probe heads and sensors. A universal sensor interface option for ultra-high accuracy CMMs also enables the fully-automatic exchange of sensors within part programs.

Probe Changer Racks

Hexagon Metrology probe changer racks perform fast and repeatable exchanges of probes, extensions and probe modules on coordinate measuring machine (CMM) probe heads or HP-TM touch-trigger probes.

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Styli Changer Racks

Hexagon Metrology styli changer racks for fixed and moving bridge type coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) allow the use of different stylus configurations within a single part program without the need to repeat the qualification procedure. The ability to equip the changer rack as required ensures high flexibility and enables users to extend the system in future.

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Offering fully-automatic sensor exchange within a part program, the SENMATION universal sensor interface transforms your coordinate measuring machine (CMM) into a multisensor inspection device capable of completing the most intricate measurement challenges.

SENMATION adds flexibility to your metrology setup, ensuring the most effective measurement method can be selected at all times to deliver the best possible results in the most efficient way – with no user intervention required.

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