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“The only efficient machine is one that’s used to full capacity.” This is the motto of the blade production department at Siemens AG Steam Turbines in Görlitz, Germany. The only way to counter the cost and deadline pressures of turbine production is through full machine utilisation.

To run efficiently, machines require optimised throughput times and freedom from bottlenecks. As a part of quality assurance, this means optimising setup and measuring times and, in particular, reducing the programming time for measuring programs which enable the 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to operate as efficiently. 

The turbine factory in Görlitz is the centre of Siemens AG’s steam turbine business. At 11 locations around the globe, Siemens produces industrial steam and gas turbines, delivered as turbine sets or mechanical drives.

Turbines and turbine sets from 45 kW to 250 MW are developed and produced in Görlitz. They are used as generator drives for electricity production and as mechanical drives for compressors, blowers and pumps. They play critical roles in many industrial applications, for example in the oil and gas industries, the paper, pulp, food and metal industries, and in power plants. Around 20 000 Siemens steam turbines have been installed around the world, most of which came from Görlitz.

Almost none of these 20 000 turbines are alike. Virtually every one is distinctively unique. “Every turbine is made to order,” explains Ulrich Maywald, head of turbine blade production at Siemens AG in Görlitz. “Two of them may look similar on the outside, but their design details almost certainly differ on the inside, as each individual turbine is designed to meet the individual parameters specified by that customer. The only small-batch production we engage in with regard to turbine engineering is blade production.”

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