Software for all your Metrology requirements
Hexagon Metrology is the largest software developer in the metrology industry and offers a wide range of in-house developed, individually customizable software packages that deliver intelligent and effective acquisition, analysis, management and presentation of collected data.

Hexagon Metrology produces the world’s most popular dimensional metrology software package, which offers many modules beyond its core offering for CMMs and will interface to vision machines, portable measuring arms, laser trackers, CNC machines, as well as devices that are “non-Hexagon Metrology” brands. Specialty packages for measurement of gears, blades and other specialized geometry are also available.

Third party software partners provide additional specialized software packages for some Hexagon Metrology devices, as a complement to our in-house product offering.


The EMS product suite is a tightly integrated family of software products with one focus: to give you the ability to effectively collect, evaluate, manage and present the information coming from the manufacturing operations.

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I++ Simulator

The I++ Simulator option is a stand-alone software package for the simulation of the complete measuring process. Realistic and comprehensive collision monitoring can only be carried out by visualising the complete process (machine, sensor, tool changers, tools, fixture and part).

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QUINDOS is the ideal software for coordinate measuring machines, gear inspection centers and all applications. QUINDOS is probably the most powerful software for coordinate measuring machines in the field of dimensional coordinate metrology. Due to its open architecture QUINDOS can not only be connected to coordinate measuring machines of the Hexagon Metrology group, but can also run on many measuring machines of other CMM makers.

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SpatialAnalyzer® (SA) is a powerful, traceable and easy to use metrology and analysis software package, tailored for the Hexagon Metrology portable CMM family.

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CAD CAM Software

CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) refers to computer software that is used to both design and manufacture products. Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. CAD software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, improve communications through documentation, and to create a database for manufacturing. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software is used to control machine tools and related industrial machinery to automate the manufacturing process. CAM enables digital design transfer from concept to reality.

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Software for CMMs

Whichever the part that needs to be measured: with the right software, measurement is effortless. The classic software product for coordinate measuring machines is PC-DMIS, the world leading CMM software. If the situation is more complex, QUINDOS is the ideal measuring software for dimensional inspection. Surfer EVO is a powerful, flexible solution. Surfer EVO is the expert for quickly converting unprocessed measuring data obtained directly from the production process into valuable information.

Scanning with DEA measuring systems is best undertaken with DIGISCAN, while for statistics the DataPage software package is the right choice. Last but not least: the software PolyWorks. This software is compatible with some DEA coordinate measuring machines

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Software for Laser Scanners

Software plays a crucial role in the use of laser scanners. Powerful programs support the use of scanners in combination with portable measuring arms, Laser Tracker Systems or fixed coordinate measuring machines. Hexagon Metrology can put together the perfect software package for any measurement task.

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Software for Laser Tracker Systems

Intensive competition and heightened cost awareness require tighter monitoring of production cycles and quicker quality control to reduce downtime. If you wish to be successful under these conditions you need the best possible support.

Hexagon Metrology and our specialist software partners know the customer's requirements and develop reliable, customized software solutions for use with Laser Tracker Systems.

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Software for Multisensor & Optical Systems

The quality of your products is best demonstrated with our software for optical and multisensor measuring systems. It reliably shows whether the parts are in tolerance. The proven PC-DMIS measuring program also provides the necessary in this case: as part of this software family, PC-DMIS Vision is specially designed for usage in combination with optical and multisensor measuring systems.

The software integrates CAD directly into the measuring process. As a result the user can work on the 3D CAD model and develop, test and edit programs for the optical and multisensor measurement. Measurement technicians can straightforwardly draw information from the model - without intervention by the programmer.

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Software for 'On Machine Tool' inspection

In the majority of businesses, scrap and re-work are the primary causes of lost time and avoidable costs. The good news: scrap and re-work are often the result of problems that are easy to solve.  The trick is to identify these weak spots - with the aid of metrology software for CNC Probes such as PC-DMIS NC.

As a result PC-DMIS is conquering the world of CNC manufacturing. PC-DMIS NC software products are advanced, process-internal measuring systems for CNC machines. They monitor all processes while the parts are still on the machine. As a result measuring in real-time becomes a reality and you can identify all weak spots very quickly

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Software for Portable Measuring Arms

Portable measuring arms ease the task of monitoring manufacturing processes and help in the solution of problems before expensive reworking is called for. These portable coordinate measuring machines reveal their full potential in combination with software that is just as powerful as the equipment itself. Hexagon Metrology provides versatile solutions to match these demands.

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Software for Theodolites & Laser Stations

Industrial theodolites and laser stations from Hexagon Metrology have open-system software architecture. 3D coordinates can be captured with PC support and stored offline using a PCMIA card. Any control and data processing software can be used. Open-system architecture allows simple connections to the software via Windows®.

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Software for Tube Inspection Systems

Software solutions from Hexagon Metrology are the byword for high user-friendliness, stability and minimum familiarization times. Hexagon Metrology has developed a highly specialized application for measuring tubes that has the special ability to automatically set a variety different tube bending machines through customized interfaces.

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Software for White Light Scanner Systems

The Hexagon Metrology Software Suite for white light scanning systems is comprised of various added value software products which enhance the benefits generated by using the scanning platforms. This software suite along with innovative business processes, allow manufacturers to migrate from traditional methods of costly checking fixtures and other technologies to flexible non-contact dimensional gauging.

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