Tube Inspection Systems
Tube Inspection Systems
Hexagon Metrology has a cost-efficient solution for non-contact precision measurement of tubes bent through angles of up to 180°. Infrared and laser technology are compatible with all measuring arms manufactured by Hexagon Metrology. Special highlight: if a deviation from the original fabrication data is detected, the bending machine can be corrected automatically over the network.

Tube Inspection System

The Hexagon Metrology Tube Inspection System is a certified portable measuring solution designed to facilitate faster quality checks for tubes and tube assemblies – essential components for manufacturers in every industry segment.

Available as a turnkey hardware and software package, or as an upgrade to existing portable measuring arm units, the system uses the powerful ROMER Absolute Arm portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) alongside specially designed non-contact tube probes and the state-of-the-art TubeShaper software to accelerate the measurement and inspection process, with the absolute minimum of intervention.

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